"He just kinda showed up and started slowly contorting into this person who clearly was so damaged, you know. For instance we had kind of a bad idea that we might show some war, stuff from the war, like traumatic war experiences and things like that. And I remember the first day of shooting taking one look at his face and thinking you don’t need to shoot anything, you don’t need to shoot like, what, what are you gonna do like bombs going off and stuff like that? It woulda been horseshit and this was like, just what he can do, one look in his face and you think I don’t know what he’s seen, but it doesn’t look good."

Interview with Paul Thomas Anderson (via riverandjoaquin)

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If you leave me now, in the next life you will be my sworn enemy, and I will show you no mercy

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“It’s something Paul and I have always done together, we’ve known each other a long time. One time in our 20s we almost got kicked out of a bar because of it, but we did it out of excitement, out of comradery, out of friendship. We had talked about it but Joaquin didn’t know what was going to happen and I knew him well enough at that point that I knew he would react, that it would turn into something and it did. He doesn’t just go with it, he struggles. You do see physically what this movie is in that moment very well.”- Philip Seymour Hoffman on the hug scene.

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Joaquin Phoenix in The Master


Joaquin Phoenix in The Master



Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman breaking character while shooting a scene from Paul Thomas Anderon’s The Master


I asked him to be in Boogie Nights. I asked him to be in There Will Be Blood. I’ve wanted to work with him for the longest time. But the thing about Joaquin is that he’s incredibly unpredictable. There’s so much energy around him, he’s like dynamite … he’s thrilling, sometimes a bit maddening.” - Paul Thomas Anderson on Joaquin Phoenix

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I believe, in your profession, it’s called… ‘Nostalgia’.

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