Jeanne Moreau


Jeanne Moreau

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SNL meme | [3/10] cast members

Fred Armisen

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Jacques Tati’s Mon Oncle's house, 1958


Jacques Tati’s Mon Oncle's house, 1958

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Favorite FilmsIn the Mood for Love (2000)

It is a restless moment. She has kept her head lowered… to give him a chance to come closer. But he could not, for lack of courage. She turns and walks away.

Favorite badass characters: Jimmy Conway

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Good or bad, it’s all playacting. If you act well, you can fool other people; if you do it badly, you can only fool yourself, and when you can’t even fool yourself, you can only fool the ghosts. 

- Raise the Red Lantern / 大红灯笼高高挂 (1991) 

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Miss Marianne Dashwood

“BFFF?” “Best fucking friends forever, man.”

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After I killed him, I dropped the gun in the Thames, washed the residue off me hands in the bathroom of a Burger King, and walked home to await instructions. Shortly thereafter the instructions came through - “Get the fuck out of London, you dumb fucks. Get to Bruges.” I didn’t even know where Bruges fucking was…It’s in Belgium.

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According to Debi Mazar, when her character trips after meeting Henry it was actually Mazar tripping over the camera dolly track. Martin Scorsese liked it because it looked like she was overwhelmed by Henry and left it in the film.

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Emma Thompson photographed by Nick Haddow | Zoomer Magazine (Dec. 2013)

She is not human.

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